The firm BARLON produces and sells wide range of high-quality washing and cleaning remedies and household goods. All our products obtained required certyficates issued by State Institution of Hygiene in Poland. Washing liquid and washing powders also have certificates of  Polish Centre of Research and Certification.

 Our firm widens and developes the range of products to meet your expectations and requirements concerning our goods.



-         dish washing liquid BARLON standard

-         dish washing powder for washing machines

 -         washing powders

 -         washing lotion for delicate textures BARLON

 -         washing lotion for carpets PERS

 -         rinsing lotion MIŚ

 -         starch lotion ADA

 -         emulsion TOLA

 -         paste BALLA

 -         cleaning powder BARLON-2

 -         powder for doing housework Gospodarczy BIS

 -         universal cleaning lotion MAX

 -         window washing lotion WIDOK

 -         bleaching and disinfecting remedy Podchlorynka

 -         remedy for toilet washing WC

 -         washing-waxing paste FLOOREX WOSK

 -         floor polishing emulsion FLOOREX Błysk

 -         floor polishing emulsion remover FLOOREX M

 -         washing floor lotion FLOORIN

 -         liquid soap FLO

 -         liquid antibacterial soap FLO

 -         shampoo

 -         paste for hands washing detergent-soap BHP 500g

 -         paste for hands washing with abrasive agent BHP 500g

 -         hand cream JOLA

 -         cleaning remedies for industrial uses.


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 e-mail: barlon@barlon.pl